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3 Hot Tips for Successful Event Entertainment

Think Small, Plan Big!

If you’ve got the budget, sure a big name artist or celebrity would be fantastic! … but it can be a lot of money for not much return!

The best type of events are the type of events that keep the guests in mind. Entertaining your audience for the duration of your event from door arrival to departure. Your guests will remember the little things.

A themed event can be easy to produce, on arrival guests could be served by a comic host who will be entertaining to your guests. Pre recorded content on screens that allows them to watch and be entertained while they line up

Use Social Media to your advantage | bring on the selfies

Having recently experienced the Eagles in concert, I noticed thousands of mobile phones in the audience as many guests wanted to record the show rather than experience it.

Sadly, this is now normal in society, so use this to your advantage. Give guests ample ammunition , props and backdrops for selfies. It could be physical props or humans. its about spectacle, colour and glitz.

At a recent instinct’s successful “Rio themed event’s”, Samba dancers were the perfect “spectacle” for guests to “selfie up” with. Poor girls were exhausted before they even danced, from the high demand to have a photo with these beautifully dressed ladies.

At another Instinct “vintage circus themed event” the backdrop was in the shape of a vintage bicycle compete with faux hot air balloons!!!

Why not provide performers to take the photo for them, as guests often don’t bring their selfie sticks to gala dinners!! Make it easy for them to capture your event and share to their friends.

Respect your audience – who they are and what they like

Nothing worse than the wrong entertainment entertaining the wrong audience – a really famous, currently hip and groovy, “right now” (and expensive) rock act performing to room of 60+ year olds who have never heard of the very expensive recording arts you procured for them. Watching them all flee out to the pre-function area as the music is too loud!!

Even more frustrating is getting an absolute legendary recording artist at an event full of 20 somethings or millennials who only listen to DJ music and have never heard of the guy playing guitar or piano or the like. I mean, that’s for old people right ?

Understand your audience. Think about the flow of the night then seek advise from professionals before booking anything!!

Remember think of the little things, as they are what make any event memorable.


Written by Richard Sayer – Managing Director – Instinct Events & Entertainment