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The Taste of Carnival comes to Melbourne


Rio Carnival Themed Corporate Event

The theme of Rio Carnival is a corporate occasion theme that continues to give.

Full of glamour, beautiful costumed dancers, music, drums and capoeira, the event theme “Rio Carnival” offers plenty of scope for event planners to excel in both entertainment room design and decor.

Rio Carnival Theme Event Planning

The basis of the event plan was to take the guests on a journey, inundate them with up close, hi energy entertainment. A balance was struck between room designs, styling and entertainment. This ensured that the presentation of the event spaces excited the guests. This also guaranteed that the run sheet was packed with event entertainment, which left the guests awed.
Rio Carnival Themed Christmas Party
When TLC Healthcare selected the corporate event management team at Instinct to create the 2018 end of year party, Instinct pitched the Rio Event Theme. Given that Instinct has taken care of this clients Christmas party for many years, Instinct wanted to offer a new event theme and fully immerse the 600 guests into the event experience.

Rio Carnival Theme | Venue selection

After the completion of the 2018 renovations, The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre seemed the perfect venue in which to hold the Rio Carnival event.

The event was planned to take place across two separate spaces within the venue. The pre function drinks section of the event was staged within the stylish open air courtyard with the main event taking place within the Gold fields room

Rio Carnival Theme | Pre-Function Ideas

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a selection of entertainment and refreshments which complimented the theme of the event. The comical host for the evening, Instinct’s very own“Carmen Miranda” was a instant hit, offering a flamboyant performance which included, roving meet and greet and photos.

To help the TLC staff settle into the theme, Instinct stationed five professional makeup artists offering Rio themed face painting and colour touch ups. This was a huge hit with the guests, as lines quickly formed up behind each artist.

Prior to the guests arrival, these face painters were also engaged to physically theme some of the performers and more than 28 MCEC staff. This theming of the service staff and performers was incredibly effective as it was the first aspect of the night in which greeted the attendee as they arrived.

Within no time, atmosphere and music quickly filled the air. Alexandro, one of Instinct’s authentic flamenco guitarists offered the perfect backdrop for drinks, conversation and brewing excitement. Little did the guests know, there was far more to 

The guests were soon joined by a glamorous roving snake handler and a beautiful team of Brazilian Samba dancers. Not only did the python and traditionally dressed dancers offered some wow moments, but they offered the perfect backdrop for a photo selfie opportunity. Something in which the guests were going to remember as the start of this exceptional end of year event.

Rio Carnival Theme | Room Styling

The room in which the main section of the event was to take place, the Gold fields room was styled to complement the Rio Theme. Greeting the guests on arrival into the room was a huge digital (15mx18m)screen which offered a animated backdrop of a Brazilian rainforest (see digital content below). Throughout the night, the IMAG camera to screen technology was incorporated to ensure all speeches and performances were visible regardless of the guests position in the room.

Equally as large as the digital screen was the stage and the dance floor. The impressive stage was large enough to play host to Melbourne’s leading corporate cover band, the 10 piece Chunky Jam. The dance floor was positioned to offer maximum width and length, allowing for the large audience to experience the performances up close and personal. 

Each of the guests tables was themed and styled to compliment the Rio Theme. Vibrant overlays and table clothes, orange, green and yellow chairs, floral centerpieces, and 600 different Rio face masks. The facemarks ensured that even if the guests had not had their faces painted, they could still “dress for the theme”. The floral table centerpieces and greenery was complimented by the foliage Situated either side of the stage; five meter high palm trees and Kentia palms. Each of the guest tables was dressed. Along with the Rio Styling & theming, the in house lighting and FX was utilised to wash the room.

Rio Carnival Theme Event | Digital Content

Throughout the event, a large variety of digital content was broadcast via the impressive main large in house screen. This digital content consisted of: holding slides, short movies, drone footage and animations. All of the digital content broadcasted was based on the theme of the night. Images and footage of Rio De Janeiro, Christ the redeemer, Rio Carnival and the Amazon rainforest was broadcasted throughout the night to aid in establishing the vibe. This digital content was utilised in conjunction with the live IMAG footage.

Once the guests had entered the main room – the perfect balance was struck between formalities and entertainment. The entertainment was structured and staggered to great effect.

Chunky Jam
DJ Marrs

The Brazilian samba dancers, who had offered a perfect welcome to the guests earlier in the night, offered a stellar floor show to the amazement of the guests. Throughout a 10 minute period, the five Samba Dancers ensured that all eyes were on the dance floor as they exhibited the a dance style in which Brazil and Rio is most commonly associated with.

Next up, it was time for the guests to be treated to another of Brazil’s most traditional forms of dance, Capoeira! The dance performance showcased a mixture of extreme power, physical fitness, drumming, dance and Brazilian martial arts.

Instincts Latin music specialist, DJ Marrs, created the vibe and musical soundtrack to be played in between the formalities, the dance performances and the band.

To close out the night, Melbourne’s number one cover band, Chunky Jam, proved once again why clients are booking 2-3 years in advance to ensure they secure the best cover band in town. From the first song to the last, the dance floor was full and brimming with energy. For the third year running, the CEO of TLC also joined the band on stage to belt out two massive numbers.

From conception to completion, the 2018 TLC Christmas party was a great success. Bringing together a vast variety of moving parts and performers to fall in line with the Rio Carnival Theme worked a treat and Instinct cannot wait to do it again!