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Styling & Set Design

You might think of a stage performance or movie set, when thinking of set design and styling. Just as it is in a hollywood studio, creating a “set” you want or need is based on your event design or creative concept.

Unlike the movies (though one can dream) events are definitely real. They do still need a stage and set designed, however! Most times you will want a set designed and styled to weave in your creative concept or overall theme. Ideally they will be elegant, beautiful, and reinforce your overall brand positioning in the market.

As the stage will be a focal point for the duration of your event, the styling and set design should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. It must work! There’s no use in designing something that looks incredible but that doesn’t allow acts or presenters to go on or come off without difficulty. The Stage manager will have your head on a plate if you do that.

Don’t keep the set isolated to the stage, extend it to the entire room. Make it work with your whole selection of Decor & Theming for the event, to really vitalise the event theme and event design.

These days we now have access to some incredible technology like 3D visual mapping and numerous advancements in visual projection systems. Ideally your set design incorporates your lighting, screen content, the audience and the entire space. This creates an all encompassing look and feel, engaging and drawing the audiences attention for the whole event.

Instinct has a suite of set design & styling services including

  • Screen content & video creation for styling
  • Custom design & manufacturing of stage set (and matching centre pieces)
  • Physical set construction
  • Florals Podium pieces
  • Draping, prints and wall treatments
  • Backdrop selection

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