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Entertainment & Speaker Management

Once the venue is booked, it’s now time to to book the MC, speakers, band, dj, and other performers. We want to see your event succeed as much as you do and are always hunting for new and exciting corporate entertainment solutions. That part is easy.

The unavoidable fact is, that with most events the information you started with changes over time, on the journey to event day.

Individual performance times will change, run sheets will incessantly require tweaking, and not to mention the inevitable “senior management ad hoc addition of smack talk right in the middle of the event” scenario!

Surprise! The production team now needs to push sound checks back.. which clashes with performers briefing, and would you look at that the venue has booked a lunch event in your space! Now everything is misaligned and you have to start planning basically from scratch, except now you have three less hours to work with!

Communications management (between speakers, performers, MCs, your internal team and the venue) can seem an overwhelming task. Especially in the world of seminars and conferences where presentation formatting, periodicals, introductions for speakers (over several days) can turn into a Herculean task.

Equally challenging are awards nights for example, where say 52 awards need to be presented, each with 18 nominees, and no one knows who the winner is yet as they’re undecided!
Instinct was forged in the world of arts. Comedians, performers, musicians, keynote speakers and celebrities are run-of-the-mill. We speak their language and know how to communicate with them and everyone purposefully.

Which is handy, because we’ve been doing this daily for almost twenty years.

Further to sourcing entertainment and organising bookings (paperwork and contracting the performers) we will help you manage the flow from right now until after your event is done and dusted. To guide you and sit by your side on the wild ride of run sheets!

Have a chat with us about entertainment and speaker management for your next event.

Besides curating a huge range of exclusive entertainment for your event, we can manage the entire process to get them on stage, on time, leaving them in the zone and exuding an attitude to get your guests in the spirit of your event.

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