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Project Planning

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Project Planning

Project Planning for events needs considerable thought, experience and insight. The focus isn’t so much on what you plan to happen, as it is about the unplanned incidents that are likely to occur. These pesky but inevitable “things” require understanding and effective contingency plans.

Our planning process holds the simplest lesson we’ve learnt at it’s core. Your team members will need to know where everyone sits within the plan, what each of us is there to do, and when all of the tasks are due.

Project planning starts with brain storming

At the beginning of projects – we spend time considering the theme or the concept of the event, conference, video or project. We will then start immersing ourselves in the detail – what will this event or project feel like; what will we charge, and potentially add new lines to our schedule if this event, project or conference is going to stand out from others.

  • Show leadership & confidence
  • Determine how you will measure success of you project or event.
  • Plan the experience
  • Plan your budget
  • Choose a time, date, location or venue
  • Communicate with everyone involved
  • Track your progress
  • Set deadlines & Milestones
  • Identify team members & stakeholders
  • Identify project contraints
  • Identify the target audience
  • Identify the objective or goal of the event or project

Project Planning – the steps involved in planning an event, conference or gala

When planning a gala dinner, conference or awards night you might want to start with your theme. Please note the list below is generic and will vary depending on the nature of the event and guests attending.

Project Planning – Theme

  • Create a theme “hook” or sound bite to promote the theme & event
  • Create theme description
  • Agree on a theme
  • Work with professionals to develop the creative concept in line of you brand
  • Generate theme ideas

Project Planning – Graphics & Multi-Media

  • Have backdrop or screen content holding slides to match theme
  • Create logo or graphics to support this theme

Project Planning – General

  • Agree on event budget
  • Create event budget- with categories for each area of event delivery
  • Produce event schedule & detailed plan
  • Produce event agenda
  • Create event plan
  • Agree on pricing (if a ticketed event- such as a charity gala)
  • Appoint project planner or event manager

Project Planning – Venue selection

  • Check on Av provisions and terms available through the venue
  • Decide on menu and beverage selection
  • Sign venue contract
  • Agree on venue & date of event
  • Inspect potential venues and look at their terms & conditions
  • Get venue quotes and availability
  • Identify candidate venues
  • Identify dates you would like to have you event

Project Planning – Decor & Styling

  • Agree on suppliers, contract and coordinate delivery
  • short lists suppliers of decor & styling
  • Obtain quotes for the above based on the budget allocation
  • Consider option available and shortlist
  • Draping, prints and wall treatments
  • Graphics & Multi media
  • Stage Set design & styling
  • Props & accessories
  • Room looks, draping & lighting
  • Furniture selection & hire
  • Centre pieces
  • Consider Table linen, chair covers (if a sit down event)

Project Planning – Set Design & Theming

  • Decide, commit & contract suppliers
  • Shortlist the options
  • Consider the options available, suitable to your theme
  • Understand the budget available for set design & Styling

Project Planning – Speakers & Entertainment

  • Identify the “flow “ of the event and moments that the performers or speakers will set serve the audience.
  • Obtain speakers & talent biographies & suitable introductions for the MC
  • Decide on speakers, performers and talent and contract
  • Assess viability of over all costs then shortlist entertainers, performers and speakers
  • Invite quotation from speakers, entertainers, musicians & performers
  • Draw up shortlist
  • Identify list of potential speakers, hosts or entertainers of interest

Project Planning – Event Marketing

  • Publish event on social media, send out press release and otherwise promote
  • Commence advertising (if public ticketed event)
  • Design & send formal invitation to target audience
  • Create “press release’ or staff communication- save the date
  • Write copy or scripts for this event
  • Put event information on the website or intranet, depending on the event natured
  • Communicate the event name, date , theme at any other events leading up to this one

Project Planning – Event Delivery

  • Assign all key roles for event delivery – registration, show calling, stage management, Entertainment & speaker management, technical production management, and everything in between
  • Ensure all Video, graphics, multi media and presentations are in order
  • Draft and distribute all scripts, presentations, biographies and introductions to key stakeholders
  • Create, update and communicate all schedules with reference to your planning guide
  • Focus on all required event logistics – venue , supplier and other

Project Planning – Post event evaluation

  • Contemplate, decide and plan the next event based on this information.
  • Evaluate the feedback and its sources.
  • Acknowledge it is information and try not it take it personally!
  • Seek Feedback from attendees and suppliers


Project planning

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