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Event Logistics

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Venue Logistics

Delivery Management and Loading Schedules

Event Logistics

Our logistics for the event planning process is simple. We follow the creative concept through the physical site’s capabilities, monetary constraints and the concerns of your suppliers, to deliver a silky smooth event that is safe, and exceeds clients expectations.

Logically the bigger your event is, the more logistical planning involved. Similarly the more public your event, the more logistics required.

Each event’s logistic requirements will differ with the nature of the event. It might involve different procurement, distribution, storage, tracking, disposal and clean up. Site restoration can be a big factor in larger events. Generally returning the site to the condition in which you found it is standard, including the cover of all costs required to carry this out (in your budgeting and reporting system).

Venue logistics

Every event is unique in it’s sub set of logistical needs, objectives and operational processes. This includes bump in to bump out of furniture, delivery of all physical props, set design and styling items, decor, linen and centre pieces. Not to mention the delivery and set up of all audio visual equipment, any additional performers equipment and the imperative sound checks and rehearsals. Not forgetting access times and locations of loading docks, various gates, lift capacity and access requirements, scissor lift hire, security and safety fencing… this list can go on ad infinitum but I’m sure you’re getting the drift.

Warehousing & Distribution

The reality is that many events have many ingredients. As manager of your event, you are the master and commander, and you need your crew to all to execute their orders perfectly to deliver you event successfully. Simply put, assets and infrastructure can’t just be housed on site at all times leading up to the event. Making sure everything is in and out at the right moment (without dreaded grid lock in the loading bay) is a key component to effective event logistics.

Delivery management & Loading schedules

Delivery management more than commanding the loading bay to flow seamlessly across an infinite list of different suppliers. Ensuring that each of your suppliers have undertaken and completed the required inductions, security clearance and have their equipment properly tested and tagged to meet the Australian (and your venue’s) standards is crucial.

Traffic management

Traffic management is like caramel popcorn, it is self explanatory. It’s imperative in ensuring a successful event, the safety of your guests, suppliers and patrons. Without a traffic plan, your plans won’t be the only thing in damage control.

Asset tracking, freight & bump out logistics

The event is over, but who is taking what is home? Venues need you to have the space cleared of your equipment and items and ready for the next client. It’s easy to forget about left over gift packs, the dozens of pop up signs or theming, or even simply to clean up after your guests have departed.

Solid systems and reliable teams in charge of getting all assets to the event (and back into storage after the event), will make your life a lot easier not to mention those of your event team, the venue and suppliers (both yours and others).

Having a clear running order for each supplier is invaluable, this way everyone knows who is doing what and when.

Tell us about your event. Lets have a chat about what logistics are involved to get it to perfection.


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