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Decor & Theming

A guest’s experience is really defined or destroyed by the theming and decor. We know that clients, staff, guests or prospects that enter a space are more likely to be taken by the ambience, rather than your direct message, spiel or deal.

The way the venue or space is styled should be aligned with your brand’s position. The expectation of the guests is critical. You’ll have no problems as long as you have a great creative concept.

Maybe you’re dressing a room for an awards night, or gala dinner for 1000 guests, preparing a room for a wedding reception or designing a trade show stand. Regardless of the situation your guests will have a predefined expectation what’s behind the doors when they open.

Excellent decor and theming will exceed expectations and take guests somewhere new. The choices you make regarding decor and theming will project aspects of your company, your brand or on you as a couple.

Creative decor and theming adds to your event and will create a long lasting memory in your attendees.

Our team of experts at Instinct will create the ideal ambience and look for your event, keeping in touch with the original general creative concept, in addition with the perfect entertainment, to deliver a memorable event.

Your event management service holds decor and theming as an integral component, as well as part of our overall creative process, we weave the fabric of your specific brand, company or cause into the decor and theming of your event.

Our suite of Decor & Theming services include (but are not limited to)

  • Draping, prints and wall treatments
  • Graphics & Multi media
  • Stage Set design & styling
  • Props & accessories
  • Room looks, draping & lighting
  • Furniture selection & hire
  • Centre pieces
  • Table linen & chair covers

decor and theming

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