Why not treat your guests to some traditional 1920’s style roving performers to complete the look of your event and create a really authentic feel.

The Roaring 20’s

Nothing is quite like a 1920’s themed event. The decadence will entice your guests to turn back the clock to a time passionately known (and for good reason) as ‘the roaring 20’s’.

Prohibition had paved the way for underground clubs and speakeasy’s. The liquor was overflowing and the music was soaring. Putting aside the illegal trading of these clubs, everything seemed so glamorous. Wether it be the fashion or the finesse, the 20’s really were a time to be alive!

These underground speakeasy’s began morphing into jazz dance clubs with live jazz and blues bands playing well into the night 7 nights a week.

Music and Dancing

A live Jazz or blues band would really create an authentic soundtrack for your 1920’s party. Why not add some dancers to spice things up?

This era was the birth of new upbeat jazz, swing and ragtime music. Dances such as the Charleston, the Lindy hop and the foxtrot were keeping patrons jiving into the night and the term flapper was coined. “Flappers” was the term used to describe the way that women were dancing in the era – the movement of their arms and legs was compared to that of a birds – thus the term flapper was born.

Burlesque dancers would also add a bit pizazz to your theme. These risqué dancers will completely intoxicate your guests with their performance, wether it be a gorgeous dancer in a giant champagne glass or a group of dancers performing in front of a live band this will add the extravagance your 20’s theme is craving!


Why just style the room when you style your guests too? Dressing up for a 1920’s party allows guests to get creative with vintage styles and really get into the mood of the evening.

The 1920’s was a time when women had won the right to vote and were beginning to thrive in the workplace. This lead to a change in fashion from the tight corset style dresses to more free flowing feminine, yet edgy fashion choices. Clothing was more practical and less constricting. With the addition of new fabrics on the market including faux silk, women could express themselves in a new way.
Why not try a wig? The “bob” hairstyle was the “on trend” hairstyle of the 20’s and boy did it take off!
Men’s clothing was ever so dapper. A nice vintage suit would create the perfect look!

Roving Performers

Why not treat your guests to some traditional 1920’s style roving performers to complete the look of your event and create a really authentic feel.

There are so many options to choose from here but incorporating some roving performers will allow your guests to immerse themselves in the theme.

Choose some cigar girls or bell hoops to have at the door greeting your guests or roving throughout the room. Vintage paparazzi could be stalking the red carpet taking snaps of your guests in their elaborate costumes.

Flapper dancers are always a great addition – these beautifully costumed rovers could be floating through the room enticing guests to dance or simply glistening in all their sequinned glory!